The single most important step in caring for your porcelain floor is the complete removal of setting materials, grout residue, and/or any construction residue from the surface of the tiles before they have a chance to dry. In most cases, porcelain tiles can be cleaned successfully by scrubbing the installation with a neutral pH detergent cleaner followed by a thorough rinsing with water. If a grout residue still remains, rinse further, cleaning the tile several times with clean water, to be certain you have removed traces of grout residue from the surface of the tiles. The grout manufacturer's directions should be followed if a grout film is present on the surface of the porcelain tiles.

During the Installation Process

A perfect clean-up begins during the installation process. Applying Grout Release provides protection against grout and mortar staining, and also makes grout cleanup easier.

After Installation

Once the tile has been thoroughly cleaned and dried after installation, grout joints should be treated with a silicone sealer. Grout, the material used to fill the spaces between tiles, is porous, and sealing it at this time will simplify maintenance in the future. Epoxy grouts do not require a sealer. Sealers can also ensure ease of maintenance on all unglazed porcelain tiles.

Routine Maintenance

As with any flooring material, general maintenance and cleaning varies depending on the surface, texture of the tile and contaminate. Generally, neutral cleaners are more than sufficient to clean and maintain porcelain tiles. It is important that the cleaner used is a non-oil, non-soap and non-animal fat based product. These cleaners have a tendency to act like a magnet and attract dirt and dust, due to the residue build-up left behind during the clean-up. If a cleaning product other than water is used for general cleaning only a neutral detergent cleaner should be used.

Heavy-Duty Maintenance

For tough tile kitchen and bathroom cleaning projects, use a Heavy-Duty Cleaner. Always follow the manufacturer guidelines & instructions, and ensure the product is suitable for the surface material you are cleaning.

Maximum strength for tough cleaning projects.
Reveals clean grout lines.
Safe for porcelain tile.

Commercial Large Area Heavy-Duty Maintenance

Care & maintenance products for Commercial or Large Area tile installations should be carefully selected to suit the requirements of each environment. We recommend you contact a STP Tile representative for guidance.